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Have you ever dreamed of being an owl? 

Become Üwila, a vulnerable baby and dive into a thrilling exploration experience, through a garden maze. Your goal? Use your feathers to find the escape. 

But keep in mind...never look behind.

How to play : 

WASD or ZQSD to move
Shift to run (consume stamina)
E to leave a feather behind

Your goal is to find the exit before the cat catch you 3 times. Find the exit by dropping your feathers. A dropped feather become greener when near the exit. 

Credits :

Game & Level Designer : Cybertoasty https://cybertoasty.itch.io/
Sound designer & Composer : Pourgrivioure  https://pougrivioure.itch.io/
Cat programmer : Stelios Thomaidis https://fruitpunchsamurai.itch.io/
Owl programmer : The Vincent  https://thevincent.itch.io/
Environment artist :  Elspeth Nicol https://wandering-owl.itch.io/
Character artist : Martin Hanton  https://chembini.itch.io/
UX & UI Designer : Nadiah Taalah  https://nadiataallah.itch.io/
Project Manager : Eve-Marie Tissier https://sushichat.itch.io/

Thanks to Donak for voicing our little bird !


Uwila Definitive Edition.rar 73 MB
Uwila polish patch 5.rar 63 MB
Uwila polish patch 4.rar 70 MB
Uwila polish patch 3.rar 68 MB
Uwila polish patch 2.zip 71 MB
Uwila Polish patch 1.zip 70 MB
Uwila 54 MB

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